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Cimino PTA Vision

To be a powerful voice for our children, a relevant source for families and communities, and a strong advocate for the education and well-being of ourCimino students.

Cimino PTA Mission Statement

To assist our school in enabling our children to achieve their maximum potential.

Cimino PTA Purpose

Promote the welfare of our children and youth in the home, school and community. Bring into closer relation the home and our school so that parents and teachers may cooperate better the education of our children.

Cimino PTA Accomplishments

Your Cimino PTA has been doing some amazing things! We recently helped purchase the covered court and have been raising money for technology additions at the school.

Parent support of Cimino’s PTA enables us to support the school, our teachers, staff and most importantly, our students! Without your support we would not be able to achieve our vision! Thank you!!

2019-2020 Executive Committee

President: Janine Kurto,

VP Volunteers: Marena Bard,

VP Ways and Means: Jen Orton,

VP of Administration: Karen Steinke

VP of Membership: Rachel Escobar

Secretary: Leila Papp

Treasurer: Brent Poznecki

Principal: Joanne Griffiths

2019-2020 Chair Positions


Copy Team Chair: Brooke Elkins

Hospitality Chair: Betty Suarez

Hospitality Co-Chair:  Jenna DeMarco

Living Habitat Chair: Stephanie Chaney

Living Habitat Teacher Contact Person: Irene Barroso

Flier Flingers Coordinator: Karin Matlock

Santa Shop Chair: Crystal Thomas

Santa Shop Co-Chair: Leila Papp 


Standing Committees

Community Special Chair (Spirit Nights): Sarah Brennick

Fundraising Chair: Heather Rutledge

*Fundraising Chair: Jen Orton

*Fundraising Co-Chair T-Shirts: Amber Poznecki
*Fundraising Co-Chair Sponsorship: Sarah Brennick
*Fundraising Chair in Training: OPEN
*Fundraising Chair in Training: Danielle Ward
Special Committees

Box Tops Chair:  Gisela Castano

1st Day of School Supply Chair: Jordan Lebron


Newsletter Chair: Sara Solomon

Yearbook Chair: Mandy Swain

Yearbook Co-Chair: Gina Komar

Yearbook Cover Design: Amber Poznecki

Website Chair: Sara Solomon

Advocacy: Michelle Bayless

County Council Rep: Julie Bird

Events and Program Chair: Demaree Peterson

Events and Program Co-Chair: Lorra Gilman

Reflections Chair: Marie Schaffnit

All Pro-Dads Chair: Daren Essig

Vice Principal: Fasee Sollars

Teacher Liaison: Gwen Porter

Teacher Liaison: DeAnna Ingram