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Cougar Challenge is a HUGE success!
2018 Record Breaking Year…$62,447.98!!!!

What an amazing day we had for the Cougar Challenge this past month! Thank you to everyone who volunteered, cheered on the kids, sponsored the event, pledged, or encouraged! We also got special visits from the Tampa Bay Rays' mascot, Raymond, and our very own Cimino Cougar. Overall, the kids--and the adults--had a great time!

We made and hugely surpassed our goal of $35,000 this year and raised the most we have ever raised at Cimino beating last year amount by over $3,000!!! This number is before expenses are taken out, but can you believe it?!?! We surely have a great school with very generous families, so thank you! Because of all of you, we will be able to purchase new technology, fulfill teacher grants and continue to host many great PTA programs and events for our school. Also, because we made our number, Coach Macko will be dressing up at the end of the year dance again! Yeah Coach!

Prize Week: November 5th-November 9th – Here are the current and upcoming events to look forward to:

Cougar Challenge passes earned will be distributed by teachers and kept in the classroom for them to distribute and use during the week. A note to parents will be sent home in their student’s agendas so that you know what they individually earned and will be getting this week. Students who raised over $25 can wear a hat to school any day this week. All Mystery prizes will be sent home with students for you to enjoy to all that participated!

November 5th (Mon.): Announce on the morning show the Top 10 winners, which will include the big TOP 3 prize winners for the Karaoke Machine, the Nintendo Switch, and the HP Chromebook.

November 7th (Wed.): Ice Cream day in cafeteria during the kid’s lunch for raising $50 and over.

November 9th (Fri.):  Coach Macko’s VIP Party for raising $200 or more.  This is where the teachers get pied by top overall winners as well as the top winners in each grade level. The VIP winners are the live audience for this fun event.

November 16th (Fri.): Class parties for the Top earning class in each grade. Ice Cream, Pizza or cupcakes (class choice).