The Wonderland Gift Shoppe will be open Dec. 11 - Dec. 14 from 8:30 a.m - 2 p.m daily in the multi-purpose room. Students will have a chance to preview the shop on Friday, Dec. 8th.
The Shoppe offers many gifts between $.25 and $6.00. The kids love to choose their own gifts to give!
We understand that not everyone has extra funds this time of year. This is a service, not a fundraiser. If you do not have the means to send shopping money in with your child but would like them to shop, please contact your teacher.  We do have funds set aside to help!  
A sign up genius went out Friday, December 1 to all who indicated interest in volunteering on the PTA volunteer interest form. Remember, you have to complete Hillsborough County's online volunteer form to volunteer at Cimino.